Bite rivals from behind


Can't Stop teh Evolution!

Hey, guys! You are awesome! We are so overwhelmed by attention to our game in a couple of days after we launched :)

We are a novice gamedev studio. Making great games and maybe even making a living from making great games is our dream! is our first public game. We really want to make it fun to play. Tell us how you want to improve the game. You can do it in the comments down on this page, or drop Artem an email.


Fady is just so cool, we think he should have more YT subscribers :) He looks like an aspiring letsplay star so check his vid and use the opportunity to follow BEFORE IT WAS MAINSTREAM ya know, just like you’re doing with our game these days ororor.

Each week, we are going to feature on this page one video which we find, totally subjectively, the most awesome among the new ones. Youtubers help our game to get known among players and we are happy to give back!